About FGH Certification

The certification office of FGH is the first certification body worldwide, which was accredited for the certification of electrical characteristics of plants according to the standards of national and international grid codes. As an independent certification office, the accreditation doesn´t only include the certification of single generation units, but also of entire generation system in areas of photovoltaic, wind energy and combustion engines.

Since 2004 FGH Certification Office has issued more than 1000 certificates for renewable power generation plants with respect to different international grid codes. Clients are the world’s leading manufactures and operators of dispersed power plants. Being the leading certification body in this context, FGH is skilled with excellent knowledge in the field of model validation and grid code compliance verification. The emphasis of our services can be seen in the verification of German grid code requirements according to the regulations of the System Services Ordinance and the BDEW Medium Voltage Directive. However there is an upcoming international trend to provide these services also in other countries even if it is not required by law. The quality of this work is esteemed by project developers and also considered as a high and reliable value for investors.

High Expertise and professional competencies in systems and facilities

FGH is following a ninety-year tradition as being the leading research association of Germany’s electric power utilities and electricity industry. Hence, FGH provides methodological expertise combined with quality and reliability on the highest technical level in the electricity sector. These skills can not only be used for the evaluation of the electrical equipment and the different kind of generators, but also for the integration of their systems in the power system. These competencies are needed and essential for a qualified certification. Following this “two side” approach with a view on the power generation unit as well as the connected system, FGH structured its divisions consequently while a close communication and exchange of knowledge, experience and information is ensured. In special cases when problems may become very tricky FGH has also the opportunity to rely on its strong membership companies. Their employees can support the Certification Office of FGH as experts for project-specific characteristics additionally.

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