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Our milestones in more than 25 years of certification:

  • World's first certification body accredited* to DIN EN 45011 (certification of the electrical characteristics of distributed generation units and plants) (2004)
  • in June 2015 accreditation according to the new standard DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17065
  • more than 15,000 MW of assessed capacity
  • more than 300 unit certificates

Issuance of the world's first:

  • Product certificate for a wind turbine (2004) unit certificate with model validation
  • Unit certificate
  • Unit certificate with combustion engine (family certificate with comprehensive model validation and stability analysis)
  • Certificate for a park controller (including complete system identification)
  • Certificate for a controllable local network transformer
  • Unit certificate according to VDE application rules

Further milestones:

  • Certification of the world's most powerful onshore wind turbine
  • Certification of Europe's largest photovoltaic plant (total installed capacity of 187 MW)