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Combined Heat And Power (CHP)

Combined Heat And Power (CHP)

CHP plants play a special role in the spectrum of decentralized power generating plants because, unlike wind or photovoltaic plants, they can be easily controlled and are basically available at all times. Nevertheless, it is also true for CHP plants that the change from a few large power plants to more and more decentralized generating capacity represents a major challenge for the grid operation. Grid operators, manufacturers, plant operators and project planners are challenged to ensure security of supply and grid stability even with many decentralized generators.

As an experienced partner in the international project business, we are accredited for grid code certification according to grid codes from more than 30 different countries. From prototype confirmation, accredited measurement up to the final equipment certificate of your gas or steam turbine, we are happy to support you.

The Individual Verification Procedure

Do you have a large power plant with a gas or steam turbine or a CHP that is not planned for series production? According to German VDE guidelines your power plant must go through the individual verification procedure in order to ensure a compliant grid connection. We are happy to support you in this process with our certification body and test laboratory.

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