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Equipment Certificates

Certification Of Components

Are you a manufacturer of power plant control units, protection devices, storage systems, or other components installed in power generating plants? Specific grid connection requirements apply to the electrical properties of power generating units and plants. These are formulated both in country-specific individual grid codes and in higher-level network codes (such as the European network code "Requirements for Generators" (RfG)).

Our certification body supports you in your international projects and is accredited for certification in accordance with international grid codes and network connection requirements of more than 30 different countries. We have continuously expanded our portfolio and offer comprehensive accredited certification services in the international market environment.

In Germany for example, a grid connection certification is required for components that have a significant influence on the electrical properties of generating plants. We will be happy to inform you about the background and scope of component certification and, if required, also implement it on your products.

Depending on the product and the specific plant configuration, certification is required for the following components:

  •     Protection devices (e.g. intermediate decoupling protection)
  •     Power plant controllers
  •     Storage systems
  •     Active static compensation devices (Flexible AC Transmission System/ FACTs, Static VAR Compensator/ SVC, Static Synchronous Compensator/ Statcom)
  •     Voltage regulators of generating units
  •     Auxiliary units 
  •     OLTC (On Load Tap Changer) automatic tap changers for transformers

  We would be happy to support you in your projects - just get in touch with us.

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