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Power Generating Units

Equipment Certificates

Certification Of Power Generating Units

Back in 2004, we issued the world's first unit certificate for a wind turbine. Since then, the renewable energy market has developed rapidly. Nowadays, all generating units must have a valid unit certificate to be sold on the German market.

There are specific requirements for the grid connection of distributed generating plants that address the electrical characteristics of generating units and plants. These requirements are formulated both in country-specific individual grid codes and in higher-level network codes (such as the European network code "Requirements for Generators" (RfG)). Our certification body supports you in your projects and is accredited for certification in accordance with international grid codes and network connection requirements of more than 30 different countries. We have continuously expanded our portfolio and offer comprehensive accredited certification services in the international market environment.

What Is Part Of The Certification Process?

As part of the certification process, we test the electrical behavior of the power generating units for conformity to the respective grid connection rules. In addition to the evaluation and assessment of the submitted documents, such as manufacturer declarations and test reports, the simulation model is validated.

Moreover, we evaluate e.g. the following electrical characteristics of your power generating units:

  • Voltage and frequency quality
  • System perturbations
  • The behavior of the generating unit in the event of grid or system faults, including FRT behavior and dynamic grid support
  • Control capability with regard to active power output and reactive power supply
  • Protection devices related to power generating units

We are also happy to offer you the underlying type tests and measurements through our testing laboratory.

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