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Storage Systems

Certification Of Storage Systems

Do you manufacture energy storage systems? Your products contribute significantly to the successful energy transition. Since storage systems can feed energy into the grid, your products play a special role in ensuring grid stability. In order to guarantee compliance with the requirements for electrical properties, they require grid connection certification to be sold on the German market. The currently valid grid connection directives formulate specific requirements for storage systems, some of which need certification.

Requirements Are Subdivided According To The Operating Mode

Energy drawn from the general supply grid or from the customer's own generating plant:

  • The storage system must meet the requirements of a supply system.

Energy delivery to the general supply grid or to the customer's generating facility grid:

  • The storage facility must meet the requirements of a generating facility.

Storage facility (operated on the customer's own stand-alone grid):

  • Max. permissible duration of grid parallel operation <= 100 ms. For higher durations, the requirements for a generating plant must be met.

We would be pleased to offer you the realization of the component certification as well as the underlying surveys for your products. As an experienced certification body, we will be happy to explain the scope and procedure of the corresponding procedure to you.

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